Sports Pins

Team pins are becoming a very popular item all over the world with both young and old sports enthusiasts. A team pin is a great item to show off your team spirit, make new friends, create memories, support your favorite team, trade and many others.

Team pins can include any and every sport, Baseball, Football, Golf, Soccer, Hockey, Dance, Cheerleading, Softball, Track and even sporting tournaments, events, competitions and fundraising.

A very popular activity with team pins is trading, this is a great way to promote team spirit, make friends, trade your pin collection and bond with other collectors and team mates.

Team pins can be custom made to your specific needs, there are many options you can choose from to make your pin special and unique. Spinners, danglers, sliders and bobble heads are types of pins that have movement, a very popular item when it comes to sports pins.

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Hard Enamel

There is no substitute for the classic look of Hard-Fired Enamel, an ancient Chinese process developed over 6,000 years ago. Each design is stamped into brass and the recessed areas are filled with enamel which is then fired at a very high temperature. This produces a jewelry quality pin with a high level of detail and color. Each pin is highly polished to a brilliant luster and smoothness.


For the refined look of Hard Enamel at a slightly lower cost, choose Embossed Soft Enamel. These pins use the same thickness of metal as our Hard Enamel pins, but have a three dimensional look. The colored enamel areas are recessed and the metal areas are slightly raised. Combine this process with fine grain sandblasting to create a truly unique design.


Our Etched pins offer a way to have an enameled pin at an economical price. Using a thinner piece of brass, each design is acid-etched, enabling us to reproduce fine details. The colors are then filled in and fired for durability. The pin is polished and then an epoxy dome is applied to protect the finish.

Economy Enamel

For those projects when you need a very low priced custom pin we suggest our Economy Enamel option. Made from iron and then colorfilled and plated, these pins are a favorite for pin traders and promotions.

Quick Printed

If you're up against a tight deadline, just ask. While the normal production time for Enamel pins is 5-8 weeks and 3-5 weeks for Printed, you might be surprised how quickly we can move things along for you.

If you're REALLY short on time, check out our new QuickPin service. We can deliver pins that fit the QuickPin guidelines in as little as 5 Business Days!


Choose our Printed Pins when your design requires fine lines and details in a specific color rather than in metal or when your image is a painting or photograph. Using the same thickness of metal as our Etched pins and the latest printing technology, each design in printed directly onto the brass. An epoxy dome is applied to protect the image.

Need it fast? Printed Pins are also offered through our new QuickPin Service.


Bobble head pins feature two pins held together by a spring. One pin attaches to your clothing while the other moves freely at the end of the spring. These are great as team trading pins and are often used as new products give-aways.


There are many times when adding a dangler to your pin is a good idea. For example when you want to designate a special job position, show years of service, or show a level of achievement.

Hard EnamelHard Enamel
Economy EnamelEconomy Enamel
Quick PrintedQuick Printed

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