Custom Clutches

Custom Clutches Are Here!

July 14, 2017
By Andrea Fox

PinSource is offering a custom color pin back option for custom pin orders. The color pin back is a unique offering, in addition to the black rubber clutch option, and offers an opportunity to take a customer’s pin order to the next level.  These custom rubber clutch pin backs are a new and fun way to add a splash of color and creativity to an already customized lapel pin design.  There are endless color options, including some fun summer colors to choose from for a fun, secure, and unique customized addition.

“Custom clutches are a great way to make your pins stand out!”, says Nick Lockwood, Managing Director at Pinsource. “We work with tons of small & large pin designers who found this is a nice way bring their design full circle and to make a truly customized product.”

Often the design of the pin is focused on the front, more obvious angles to the piece. However, as lapel pins become more prevalent in fashion and in retail stores, the overall design both in packaging and in the look of both sides of the pin become more important. Having the ability to change the color of the rubber clutch can allow for this further customization. In addition to a retail application, the use for these clutches expands in to school colors too.  They can coordinate with sports team colors, or a school mascot pin.

Colored rubber pin clutches are just some of the new offerings that PinSource is adding as customization options. Interested customers should inquire with their PinSource sales team member to learn more about new ways to customize their lapel pin designs.