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Waving American Flag Silver Pin

One of the most popular lapel pins is the U.S. flag lapel pin. Popular with politicians, public servants, and patriotic citizens, flag lapel pins are part of our nation’s iconography. Despite their ubiquity, few people know the story behind the lapel pin. The history of this instantly recognizable lapel pin isn’t clear, although one thing is for sure – it wasn’t a common accessory before World War II. Although there exist other accessories, like jewelry, featuring the flag, you’d be hard-pressed to find an actual flag lapel pin from before the 1950s.


Size: .8"

Process: Soft Enamel

Attachment: Single Butterfly Clutch

California residence see Prop 65 WARNING 

Quantity Price Per Pin
1 $3.95
2 - 9 $2.95
10 - 24 $2.29
25 - 99 $1.99
100 - 249 $1.59
250 - 499 $1.19
500 + $1.10