Die Cast Lapel Pins

The ancient art of casting metal from a mold gets a modern twist with our custom cast process. Sophisticated electronic equipment drastically reduces the time involved in producing your die cast lapel pins, so you get the quality and attention to detail that you expect and get your pins in a fraction of the time. Choose to have your cast lapel pins with or without added enamel color.

For more examples please visit our Cast Lapel Pins Gallery.

Key Features:

3D cast pins have a variety of surface areas angles to create a pin that is more like a 3 dimensional model than just a picture.

Popular Uses:

Most often used to create complex shapes like animals, architectural models, automobile replicas, and faces for a wide variety of uses for businesses, organizations, not-for-profits, groups, and individuals.

How are our cast lapel pins made?

Once we have your design finalized on paper, a rubber mold is created to create the model. Unlike die struck pins, where the design is struck onto the surface of the metal, to create a cast lapel pin, molten metal is then poured into the rubber mold at high pressure. The mold is spun at a high rate of speed during a process sometimes referred to as centrifugal casting. Once the metal has cooled and hardened, each pin is polished to remove any burrs, spurs, or rough edges. If you chose to include colored enamel, it is added at this stage with a special syringe. Any metal plating is added next and your choice of attachment is applied to the back. After a final inspection for any flaws, your pins are carefully packaged and shipped directly to you.

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