Soft Enamel

Oftentimes you want a fun pin that doesn’t need to make a grandiose statement. For these kinds of projects, we offer more inexpensive, economy enamel lapel pins.

Key Features:

  • Raised metal boarders
  • Recessed enamel fill
  • PMS matching for enamel colors 
  • 30 plating options

Design Options

Choose from these special features

Pin Enhancements
Enamel Treatments
Backer Cards/Retail
Plating Options
Gift Boxes

Help your pin stand out from the crowd with some of our unique enhancements:

  • Reproduce your photo image in detail with a digital print on top of enamel.
  • Get your pin moving with a springed slider or bobble.
  • Make your pin a sparkling keepsake by adding stones or gems.
  • Elevate your pin’s sensory experience by adding lights or sound.

Your pin includes either a single butterfly clutch in gold or silver, or a rubber clutch in black or yellow. Custom and upgraded, jewelry-quality options are also available upon request:

  • Rubber clutches are available in more than seven colors.
  • Professional looking tie-tack clutches provide a locking attachment.
  • Magnets, adhesive and tie bar backings are also available.

Are solid enamel colors not enough for your pin? Check out our other treatments to make your pin shine:

  • Glitter of nearly any color can be added to any enamel color to make your pin pop.
  • Glow-in-the-dark enamel will make sure your pin is visible during nighttime events.

In need of custom retail packaging, or a simple branded card for your item? Our packaging options are endless and will meet any need:

  • Add full, shelf-ready retail packaging, including barcodes and UPCs, and watch your products fly off the shelf.
  • Add a simple, custom backer card to provide more information about your product, company or cause.

Your pin includes plating in one of our standard metals, but the choices are endless. PinSource offers over 30 upgraded metallic treatments, along with dyed color platings to match any color:

  • Standard plating options include gold, nickel, silver or copper.
  • Upgraded metal platings include antiqued metals, matte finishes, rose gold and more.
  • Ask about double plating, combining two metal platings, to make your pin regal.
  • Our unique color matching option allows yout to plate you pin in almost any solid color.
  • Our NEW rainbow effect allows you to plate the rainbow. Ask for more details.

Intending to give your pins to others as gifts? Add one of out gift options, ranging from stock items to a totally custom design, to elevate your presentation:

  • Stock plastic or velvet boxes are available in many sizes and colors.
  • Custom engraved wood options provide a second space for your message or branding.
  • Bags and pouches are a great, budget-friendly option, suited to most projects.

How much do our pins cost?


We have pins that will fit any budget! From giveaways for your event to recognition gifts for your staff, our pin experts aim to provide you with most competitive price possible for your specific project. In order to do so, we need to know a little bit about your ideas. Since pins are so customizable, we want to make sure all of your design expectations are included in your quote.

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