Etched Enamel Lapel Pins

When designing a lapel pin, sometimes the design comes out a little bigger than the average lapel pin and this brings up concerns about the weight of the pin. In these cases we recommend etched soft enamel lapel pins, sometimes also known as photo-etched soft enamel pins. The photo-negative etching process allows for a detailed logo to be exactly replicated on the pin. Etched pins can be thinner than die struck pins making them more lightweight and easy to wear without worry.

For more examples please visit our Etched Lapel Pins Gallery.

Key Features:

Our etched soft enamel pins are thin, lightweight, and inexpensive, while retaining a high quality look with fine detailing.

Popular Uses:

Most often used by small businesses, organizations, not-for-profits, groups, and individuals with a strict budget for a small amount of pins needed for use as employee recognition awards (such as years of service, rank acknowledgement, goal achievements, etc.), student recognition awards (honor roll, club participation, sports teams, school spirit, etc.), service awards, anniversary markers, and as brand and marketing tools, such as trading pins, souvenirs, promotions, and giveaways.

How do we make our photo etched lapel pins?

Once we have created the ideal design based on your needs and ideas, a photographic negative is used to chemically etch the design onto a brass base metal. This etching process creates minimally raised and recessed areas. These recessed areas are then filled with the specified enamel colors using a special syringe. The pins are then baked to set the colors. The etched enamel pin can then be plated with your choice of metal finishes, polished, and finally covered with a layer of epoxy varnish to protect the finished design. A trimming tool is then used to cut out each embossed enamel pin. After a last quality inspection, your custom designed soft enamel pins are carefully packaged and shipped directly to you.

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