Hard Enamel Lapel Pins

Our hard enamel lapel pins, also known as Cloisonné pins or epola pins, are some of our highest quality and most popular pins. Made with modernized techniques based on ancient Chinese artistry, hard enamel lapel pins have an impressive appearance and a durable construction. These long lasting lapel pins are perfect for wearing over and over again and are sure to catch the eye of everyone who sees them.

Key Features:

Hard enamel lapel pins have a high gloss finish for a bright and shiny appearance without the need for an epoxy coating and come in a full range of colors. These pins are extremely durable and are 20% thicker than other die struck pins.

Popular Uses:

Our jewelry quality hard enamel pins are great for important commemorative events, including as corporate identity pins, convention pins, event pins, fraternity pins, sorority pins, anniversary pins, significant service awards, or political pins.

How do we make our custom designed hard enamel lapel pins?

Our process is based on hard-fired enamel, an ancient Chinese technique that was developed over 6,000 years ago. Each custom design is first stamped onto a base of brass. Then the recessed areas are filled in with enamel and fired at a very high temperature. This produces a jewelry quality lapel pin with a high level of detail and fantastic colors. Each lapel pin is highly polished to a brilliant luster and smoothness. After a final inspection for quality, your pins are packaged and shipped directly to you.

For more examples please visit our Hard Enamel Lapel Pins Gallery.

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