One Team to rule them all

PinSource has been an industry leader in the custom lapel pin business for over 27 years. We believe that our success and longevity is a function of the amazing team we have on hand to guide our clients through projects big and small. In fact, over half our team has been a part of PinSource for at least ten years, which means our customers consistently benefit from the expertise, knowledge and high standards for quality and service that only a company with our legacy can provide.

Each year, corporations, non-profits, schools, sports teams and clubs make the decision to trust PinSource, and the majority return to work with their dedicated team member time and time again. Get in touch with us today at 1-800-678-9288 or to find out how we can help with your next project.

I also invite anyone to contact me directly. Our business is based upon exceeding expectations. I'm always eager to hear from our customers about how their projects turned out.


Nick Lockwood
Managing Director - PinSource



Meet the team behind PinSource

Nick Lockwood
Jessica Miro
Jennifer Lockwood
Matt Marshall
Suzan Wescom
John Buechler
Nicole Fiori
Brent Jarvis
Kevin McMahon
Andrea Fox
Jennifer Carpenter

Name: Nick Lockwood

I started at PinSource in: 2012

Astrological Sign: Taurus

Favorite summertime trip: Maine! It’s basically like being on Cape Cod but without the traffic, and you can still get a decent lobster roll.

I’m an expert at (finish): Wii Tennis. With a little patience and time, you too can master this sport.

Favorite type of lapel pin and why: Hard Enamel. It’s a classic that can be used for almost anything!

To learn some of Nick’s Wii secrets, e-mail him at

Name: Jessica Miro

I started at Pinsource in: January 2011

Astrological sign: Gemini

Favorite summertime trip: any beach I can find!

I’m an expert at: Online Shopping

Favorite type of lapel pin and why: Pins with transparent enamel- they look like stained glass!

To get some shopping tips from Jessica, e-mail her at

Name: Jennifer Lockwood

I started at Pinsource in: 2006

Astrological sign: Cancer

Favorite summertime trip: Prague

I’m an expert at: All things spelling and grammar.

Favorite type of lapel pin and why: Cast pins in full relief; it’s an understated way to enliven designs.

To get some spelling tips from Jennifer, e-mail her at

Name: Matt Marshall

I started at PinSource in: 2002. And somehow I'm penultimate with seniority on the sales staff!

Astrological Sign: Pisces. A fish. I was born the day Caesar died. Not the same year, though, because that would be some kind of record for my age. Et tu Brute.

Favorite summertime trip: I like trips to Boston and Philly and back before kids, Hawaii!

I’m an expert at: I'm at expert at nothing, but I have some decent skills with computers, photography, communication, and random trivia. Some might even say I'm a pretty good dad, but every day I think I realize I know less than I did the day before. I don't what I'm going to do when I have two teenage daughters.

Favorite type of lapel pin and why: Hard enamel with printing. It's the nicest looking pin and best quality and still allows the most flexibility with design. 

To hear his best pieces of trivia, e-mail Matt at

Name: Suzan Wescom

I started at PinSource in: 2011

Astrological Sign: Pisces.

Favorite ummertime trip: Maine or New Hampshire

I’m an expert at: Putting up with the guys in the office! Lol.

Favorite type of lapel pin and why: Anything Disney, because who doesn't love Disney!

To hear more about Sue’s trips to Maine, e-mail her at

Name: John Buechler

I started at PinSource in: 1996

Astrological Sign: Libra

Favorite summertime trip: Germany 2008, Cora's wedding

I’m an expert at: Being a Grampa

Favorite type of lapel pin and why: Disney character pins because there are so many ways they can be designed for so many events and expressions.

For grand-parenting advice, e-mail John at

Name: Nicole Fiori

I started at PinSource in: 2019

Astrological Sign: Leo with an introverted nature

Favorite summertime trip: Anywhere I can spend with great company and delicious food!

I’m an expert at: Bathing in sunshine, drinking water, staying stationary, photosynthesizing…wait, am I a plant?

Favorite type of lapel pin and why:  Glitter, rainbow, & specialty pins. There are always new & fun options to make a unique design

To get some horticulture advise from Nicole, e-mail her at

Name: Brent Jarvis

I started at PinSource in: 2004

Astrological Sign: Aquarius

Favorite summertime trip: Cape Cod

I’m an expert at: Golf

Favorite type of lapel pin and why: 3D Die Cast because of it's dimensionality

To get some of Brent’s great golf tips, e-mail him at

Name: Kevin McMahon

I started at PinSource in: Shortly after 9/11

Astrological Sign: Fish

Favorite summertime trip: back to bed

I’m an expert at: Short-line nymph fishing for trout.

Favorite type of lapel pin and why: Hard enamel with CMYK print, because the combination of polished metal and full color is uncommon.

To get some fishing tips from Kevin, e-mail him at

Name: Andrea Fox

I started at Pinsource in: Spring 2015

Astrological sign: Virgo

Favorite summertime trip: Sleeping Bear Dunes on Lake Michigan. 

I’m an expert at: Yelp

Favorite type of lapel pin and why: Hard enamel, double plated. I like the raised and recessed element of double plating that gives a pin dimension. 

To get some of Andrea’s top rated yelp reviews, email her at

Name: Jennifer Carpenter

I started at Pinsource in: 2017

Astrological sign: Scorpio

Favorite summertime trip: Ogunquit Beach, Maine. 

I’m an expert at: Travel and discovery. I especially love rising to the challenge of finding the best prices with the most amenities possible, and finding intriguing adventure wherever I go

Favorite type of lapel pin and why: Hard enamel. Love the classic look, exquisite quality, durability and shine.

To get some of Jennifer’s travel tips, email her at