Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

Quite simply, because we have invested in every area that will ensure you won't need to collect on it. Its worth more to you if we meet and exceed your expectations, so we set out to do just that, and here's how.

Invest in a factory

Many years ago we invested in owning a factory so we can control all of the details of producing our customers products. This was an expensive decision but after more than 27 years in this business we understand that controlling quality is not an option. We leave behind competitors who are nothing more than middlemen, buying and reselling products from various factories using your money as their only investment in quality.

Invest in technology

We increased our investment by bringing state-of-the-art equipment into our factory's production line. Time-honored craftsmanship in coloring, plating, stamping and even shipping is now reproducible and consistent in each step of producing an order. Quality is measured and checked at each manufacturing step and where adjustments are needed we make them at exactly the right spot. No guesswork involved here.

Invest in the employees

Quality can be explained and we train our sales staff to be able to do just that in their customer communications. The investments discussed above translate into confidence- building information for customers, and our sales department is able and ready to explain the features and benefits of our entire operation. Even though our designers are art school graduates we also sent them back to school to learn how to accurately transform your artwork into the manufacturing process. After they are finished their work you will have in hand art worth wearing and sharing.

Explain the difference

At PinSource our Money Back Guarantee is the policy behind the investments we've made to honor the investments you've made-your time and money. We aren't proud of the policy, we are proud of what we've done to guarantee it. Because there are so many companies on the Internet stating "Factory Direct" and "Satisfaction Guaranteed" we feel you should know that we have put our money behind our promise.

Please call or e-mail us today, right from the start you'll see the difference between PinSource and our competition.