Precious Metal Lapel Pins

For projects with a higher budget or for a truly special occasion or event that require an elegant, fine jewelry quality lapel pin, choose from one of our precious metal options. We have options available in sterling silver, 10 karat gold filled, 10 karat solid gold or 14 karat solid gold. We have options to suit any purpose or budget. Additionally, genuine diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires can be added to any base metal for an added touch of pizazz. To complete the formal presentation, all precious metal lapel pins include either an acrylic or velvet box to protect your keepsake.

Key Features:

Precious metals are beautiful and distinctive, especially with the addition of a bit of sparkle from a precious stone.

Popular Uses:

Precious metal lapel pins can be costly and are often reserved for important events, special occasions, significant anniversaries, impressive milestones, and exclusive clubs and groups.

How do we make our precious metal lapel pins?

We make our custom designed precious metal lapel pins using the latest in engraving technology to be sure that your design comes out clearly and beautifully. One of our precious metal lapel pins is sure to be a treasured gift for years to come by your chosen recepients.

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