Custom Printed Lapel Pins

For custom designs that have a lot of details, such as recreating a painting or photograph, we recommend ordering printed lapel pins. Printed pins allow for a full color pin without the need for raised metal areas to separate different colors and areas. Printed pins can be easily ordered and made through our QuickPin Service, if you need a rush order.

For more examples please visit our Printed Lapel Pins Gallery.

Key Features:

Our printed lapel pins are thin, lightweight, and inexpensive while offering a full range of colors, color combinations, and color gradients, such as fading. They are the best options for turning a photo or piece of art into a lapel pin.

Popular Uses:

Most often used by small businesses, organizations, not-for-profits, groups, and individuals with a strict budget for use as employee recognition awards (such as years of service, rank acknowledgement, goal achievements, etc.), student recognition awards (honor roll, club participation, sports teams, school spirit, etc.), service awards, anniversary markers, and as brand and marketing tools, such as trading pins, souvenirs, promotions, and giveaways.

How do we make our printed lapel pins?

Once we have created a design for you or received your photo or picture, the latest printing technology is utilized to print your design directly onto the brass base metal. Once the color has set, a trimming tool is used to cut out each custom printed lapel pin to its own uniquely designed shape. An epoxy dome is applied to each pin to protect and enhance the image. Your choice of backing is attached to the pins and your custom printed lapel pins go through a final inspection before being packaged and shipped directly to you.

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