Dog Tags

Dog tags have long been associated with the military, but in recent years they have become popular with the public, as well. These popular and trendy dog tags are a great way to add some distinctness to your set of promotional items. Our customized dog tags include traditional looking metallic tags with stamped, molded, or etched styling, as well as, non-traditional, unique designs featuring custom shapes, anodized color, and special functions, such as bottle openers and key rings. Add color, fun, or protection to your custom designed dog tags with silicon jackets to go around the tags.


Key Features

Custom designed dog tags are fun and trendy and offer a unique canvas for your company name, logo, or special message.

Popular Uses

Many custom designed dog tags are used as marketing materials for events with military themes, video game themes, family friendly events, children’s events, and trade show and convention giveaways and keepsakes.


How do we make our personalized dog tags & necklaces?

We use a wide variety of the latest techniques to create our customized dog tags including anodized coloring, stamping, compound molds, offset printing, die casting, engraving, and photo etching. Our special attention to detail and design means you can expect a high quality product that will be long lasting, professional, and durable.