Custom medals are a classic option when you need a product to commemorate an event or acknowledge an achievement. Popular for use at sporting events, such as track meets and running races, medals are not only worn on the day of the event, but are also taken home to be displayed indefinitely as a cherished piece of memorabilia from the event.


Key Features

Like lapel pins, our custom medals can be made using any of our pin manufacturing options or treatments, and accented with a wide range of ribbon materials and colors to match your design.

Popular Uses

Medals are quite often used by schools, sports teams, nonprofits and more. They can be used not only to recognize the top placing contestants in an event, but can also be used for the entire group as a symbol of participation.


How are custom medals made?

Custom medals are made using an identical to process to our custom lapel pins. Your design is molded, and then produced using a diestruck or casting technique, plated in your choice of metal, and accented with filled enamel, printing, or laser engraving where appropriate. The medal is then attached to the ribbon of your choices. Your sales rep can you help you decide what will work best for your project.