Soft Enamel Pins

Oftentimes you want a fun pin that doesn’t need to make a grandiose statement. For these kinds of projects, we offer more inexpensive, economy enamel lapel pins. These pins are not jewelry quality but still look good and can easily get your name and your message out there. Strong and sturdy, your custom designed enamel lapel pins are available with a wide variety of backing options.

Key Features:

Economically priced personalized enamel lapel pins feature bright colors and customized designs to help you feature your brand without breaking the bank.

Popular Uses:

Low-cost enamel lapel pins are popular with pin traders, used at fundraisers, non-profit organizations, churches, hospitals, schools, colleges, special interest groups, and clubs and can be found at many different trade shows and conventions.

How are economy enamel lapel pins made?

How high quality, low priced enamel lapel pins are made from durable iron. Once the design is set, they are color-filled with enamel and then plated to protect the enamel. After being buffed and polished, they are checked for any defects or missed rough edges. Once cleared from quality control, your selected backing is applied, and your pins are packed up and shipped directly to your door.

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