Custom USB Flash Drives

As the age of technology provides us with more and more innovative gadgets, we’ve moved beyond simple, paper business cards and the formerly most popular promotional gadgets: pens.  Now, the go to technological give-away items are specially designed USB flash drives.  While other promotional items may have limited usages or short lifespans, customizable USB flash drives can used and reused over and over again, giving them a much longer lasting value for their recipients.

Key Features:

Our USB flash drives come with a convenient storage capacity and can be used to safely store a wide variety of documents, pictures, and other files.

Popular Uses:

Customized USB flash drives are great give-away advertising materials for businesses, organizations, special interest groups, clubs, schools, sports teams, and not-for profits. They can be easily distributed as free gifts with other purchases or as trade show, convention, or sales meeting promotional items or keepsakes.

How do we make our imprinted USB flash drives?

Our USB flash drives can be customized with a wide range of colors and unique shapes, and custom imprinted with your selected name, logo, design, or message. USB flash drives are great way to get your brand’s name out there and show people that you are on the cutting edge of technology trends.

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